Thursday, May 18, 2006


Please tell me this image disappeared.

This article has it all: Magnetic Fields, The New Yorker, even a quote from that musically-talented, butt-headed, in-bed-with-Dave-Matthews, ex-lead-singer from Soul Coughing.

I like Stephin Merritt. But this is just weird. And I wish I'd known he was in town recently.

And who knew that Sasha Frere-Jones had a blog? [Thanks Pete!]


Anonymous said...

Stephan Merritt is a lyrical genius. And he's the only person on earth who is more depressed than I.

Anonymous said...

If my iPod has more than 12.5% songs by black artists, does that mean I have a fetish for black artists?

Anonymous said...

and I'm sure he loves black people. especially if they are gay and want to go on a ride on the lower east side.

Bob Loblaw said...

If 12.5% equals a fetish, then I'm much more of a fetishist than I had previously thought.