Thursday, May 18, 2006

Random thought

I love listening to my 58Gb music library on shuffle, because every once and a while I come across a song I've never listened to, or one I haven't listened to in so long I can appreciate it on a whole new level.

For instance, Afrika Bambaattaa's “Jazzy Sensation” came up today. And within that song is the original sample that the Beastie Boys used in their song "Hey Ladies". You know the sample: "the Ladies, the Ladies".

Incidentally, this song is part of the 4-disc compilation “Tommy Boy’s Greatest Beats,” which I somehow acquired back in ’97 or ’98. This particular time, and the 23 or so years that preceded it, are known musically to me as The Dark Ages. I had no sense of what good (or bad) music was (and a lot of you people probably still think this is true). Anywho, when I got this said 4-disc compilation, for whatever reason I didn’t appreciate what a great thing it was, and decided to give it to Karl. If memory serves, he quickly snatched it from my hands and ran off, laughing like a leprechaun.


Over the years he’s offered to give it back to me, because he’s well aware what a stupid mistake I made. But if I took it back from him I wouldn’t be able to hold it over his head for the rest of our lives.