Saturday, February 24, 2007

I’m lazy

Please tell me this image disappeared.

So I’m going to directly quote ANOTHER Seattlest article, this time about the awesome Thermals show at Chop Suey on Wednesday. The only thing I’d add to the review that follows is that there was no “wall of sound” like I was expecting. There were relatively quiet. Granted, I had my ear plugs in, but even then... I wanted to feel it.

Last time we saw The Thermals, they opened for Cursive and we were annoyed by the lack of response they received. To say that was not a problem at Wednesday's show is an understatement. Revisiting our show stasis theory, the sold out nature combined with the high-energy bill not only resulted in a frothy mess of people, but said frothiness only took a song and a half to develop.

Hutch (the lead singer) seemed pretty pleased with the show even during final sound check. When the band came out that enthusiasm was even more apparent. We were a little confused by the new new drummer and second guitarist, but once the music started we ceased to care. At this point we shouldn't have to mention the high-octane pop-punk of The Thermals, and how it hits that certain "jump around in your underwear Saturday morning" button. Well, this show was one of the best translations of that experience. The mosh pit added a fun element, just energetic enough to watch, but not so crazy you had to worry about taking an elbow to the face. In all, this was everything a Thermals show should be. Since it was a benefit, it exhibited everything an all-ages show could be as well.

I also found this on a Three Imaginary Girls post. It’s from their show the night before in Portland (where they’re from!) So fun! You really should have been there. Ladies and gentlemen, my first YouTube link: